Learn the new Japanese osteopathy-based techniques developed by Head Therapist Norio Tomita, to find the origin points and release body tension of your patients.


This training course is solely offered to massage, body work, medical or physiotherapy licensed professionals.


Each 2-hour course provides 2 Continuing Education credits to US-based students if taken LIVE.


A Certificate of Achievement is provided when the student has completed the full 16-hour program.


Courses are taught LIVE regularly in New York and Montreal or can be taken through DISTANCE LEARNING using FaceTime or SKYPE. The program can be offered in any other city as an intensive course if a sufficient number of students are interested in registering.


(Course Manual Mendatory - NOT INCLUDED)


NOTE: Les cours sont donnés en anglais, avec explications en français au besoin.


Contact us to book courses in your city.


Tomita Method - Efficient Myofascia Release Technique

Program Description & purpose

  1. Encourage logical understanding of recent Japanese body care techniques, based on myofascia inter-connection
  2. Acquire the sense of myofascia connectivity and its levels of tension
  3. Learn care points for each type of pain/symptom
  4. Acquire low-strength massaging techniques for the safety of both client and therapist
  5. Acquire self-care techniques for the maintenance of the therapist body

COURSE 1 – Diagnosis and Hand Technique (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will :

- list the major connection of myofascia.

- identify the origin of tension with each symptom.

- list the effects of 2 different types of hand techniques.


1.   Introduction

1.1 Understand the meaning of Pain/Symptom

1.2 Two major treatment approaches based on natural body reaction:

      - Releasing skin tension - Soft stimulation of myofascia by nail

1.3 Diagnose dominant body tension

1.4 Hand technique sensing myofascia tension


COURSE 2 – Recovering Deep Breath (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- list the points to release nose, throat and breast tension.

- list the way to relax him/herself for self maintenance.


2.   Recovering deep breath

2.1 Widen nasal cavity

      Ways to adjust nasal laterality, and release forehead tension

2.2 Widen respiratory tract

      Ways to release throat tension

2.3 Widen the rib cage

      Ways to release tension around the sternum

      Ways to release tension of the diaphragm

      Ways to release tension on the back of the chest

2.4 Self maintenance technique

      Two ways to release tiredness of our own body.


COURSE 3 - Neck and Shoulder Pain (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- list the points to release neck and shoulder tension.

- list the points to release arm and fingers tension.


3.      Releasing neck and shoulder pain

3.1    Releasing neck and shoulder pain

3.1.1 Releasing tension on fingers and palm

3.1.2 Releasing tension on the forearm

3.1.3 Releasing tension on the upper arm


COURSE 4 - Arm and Frozen Shoulder (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- list the points to release elbow tension.

- list the points to release armpit tension.


4.   Releasing pain on arm and frozen shoulder

4.1 Releasing tension on fingers

4.2 Releasing tension on the elbow

4.3 Releasing tension under the armpit

4.5 Understanding our unconscious posture and how it is linked to arm pain

4.6 Effective ways to use our arms


COURSE 5 - Lower Back Pain (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- list the points to release center lower back tension.

- list the points to release lateral lower back tension.


5.      Releasing lower back pain

5.1    Releasing pain on center lower back and sacrum

5.1.1 Releasing tension on the big toe

5.1.2 Releasing tension inside the shin

5.1.3 Releasing tension inside the thigh

5.2    Releasing pain on lateral lower back and hip

5.2.1 Releasing tension on the fourth toe

5.2.2 Releasing tension outside the shin


COURSE 6 - Knee Pain (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- list the points to release deep inside knee tension.

- list the points to release front and back knee tension.


6.      Releasing knee pain

6.1    Releasing pain deep inside the knee

6.1.1 Releasing tension on the Achilles tendon

6.1.2 Releasing tension on the calf

6.1.3 Releasing tension on the front and back of the knee

6.2    Releasing pain beneath the knee

6.2.1 Releasing tension on the thigh

6.2.2 Releasing tension on the chest


COURSE 7 - Abdomen and Back (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- list the points to release abdominal tension.

- list the points to release back tension.


7.      Releasing tension on the abdomen and the back

7.1    Releasing tension on the abdomen

7.1.1 Releasing tension on ilium/pubis edge

7.1.2 Hand technique to release abdominal tension

7.1.3 Learning principles on how fast-eating results in abdominal tension

7.2    Releasing back tension

7.2.1 Releasing erector spinae tension

7.2.2 Releasing intercostal muscle tension


COURSE 8 - Head and Ear (2hrs/2CEs)

Students will:

- identify the direction of tension around the head.

- list the points to release head tension according to each direction.


8.      Releasing Head tension

8.1    Releasing scalp skin tension

8.1.1 Releasing back scalp skin tension

8.1.2 Releasing side scalp skin tension

8.2    Releasing ear stiffness

8.3    Releasing facial muscle tension



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