Discover the wonders or the Tomita Method...

Each session provides personalized treatments, following a meticulous analysis of the origin of your body tensions and pain.


Your health is important to us.

Adding to your full body treatment, you will learn soft and simple techniques to get rid of your recurring pains and feel great again in your body.


Offer your body a state without pain...

Tomita Method Professional Course in Montreal


- The Tomita Method -


The Tomita Method is based on modern osteopathy and uses new hand techniques that were developed in Japan during the recent years.


Each case is analyzed individually. Treatment techniques are chosen carefully according to the state of the patient and to the origin of the tension or pain.


We believe that well-being can be maintained by ourselves. We thus offer you a complimentary personalized coaching about small gestures and gentle techniques that are easy to apply on yourself to finally say goodbye to your pain and enjoy life in a healthy body.

- Norio Tomita -


With a Master's degree of Mechanical Engineering from Keio University, Norio Tomita has developed medical 3D imaging ultrasound devices and has worked for years in collaboration with renown doctors, particularly in cardiology.


Fascinated by the inter-connectivity of inner parts of the body, he is pursuing scientific research on the functions of fascia, the filament membrane that retains together vital organs and muscles, in order to obtain a Phd at Hiroshima University School of Medical Science and also works as Researcher at CRCHUM in Montreal.


Mastering various Seitai (Japanese osteopathy) and massage techniques, he developed his own method of treatments, which he practices and teaches in Tokyo, New York and Montreal.

Muscular tensions

Recurring pain

Strained back

Painful joints

Swollen feet and hands

Painful knees



Neck pain and tension

Painful shoulders

Face tensions


Bad blood circulation

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First Session : 170 $ + tx

Patient Record creation



+ teaching of maintenance and prevention techniques


From the second session :

1 session : 120$ + tx

3 sessions : 330$ + tx

5 sesssions : 520$ + tx


A session usually lasts about 60 min.

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